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Prolonged exposure to brightness of the smartphone screen leads us to dry eyes.
Screen Filter app has the effect of reducing the blue light.
Using a smartphone in the dark is the risk for eye sight causing insomnia.Sometimes if you need more lighting for eg: at night, then there is no need of switching ON your lights and browsing the device. This Screen Filter app makes it more simpler to operate with just one tap.
Screen Filter app can be great for low-light gaming, web browsing, and eBook reading.
> Install the Screen Filter app.
> Tap on the Screen filter app icon to enable\disable the brightness of the screen.
> The brightness of the screen can also be adjusted from the notification bar
> It can be adjusted as per your required percentage.
※ Screen Filter app works as a battery saver .
※ It protects your eyes by adjusting the brightness as per the environment.
※ It helps in Device longevity.
※ Widgets: Easy access to preset brightness levels.
※ Brightness slider uses a horizontal scroll bar for fine-grained control.



Versi: 1.0.1

Butuh: Android2.3 or later


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